Pretty Clear Gründer erzählen ihre Story im Interview in einem Studio

"We want to inspire change for a more sustainable future and personal growth and well-being for mindful women."

Helen & Basti, Pretty Clear founders

Inspired by nature.

The idea for Pretty Clear arose in Lombok in summer 2018. Our founder Basti went on a surf and yoga trip to the Indonesian island. In addition to all the beauty, the ubiquitous plastic waste on the beaches and reefs was not to be overlooked.

It turned out that between 8 and 12 million tons of plastic are disposed of in our oceans every year - that is the same one truck load per minute. Every year around 100,000 marine animals and 1 million birds die as a result. If we don't act, as many fish will swim in the ocean as plastic waste by 2050.

Driven by dreams.

Back in everyday life, more and more people wanted to take responsibility for how we treat our environment.

After 8 years in the corporate world, including numerous business trips around the world, Basti began developing ideas with friends. There he met Adrian, an entrepreneur with heart and soul and who has been a founder with sustainable fashion on the market for years. Then there was Helen, who, as a sports enthusiast, fashion lover and consumer goods expert, brings the indispensable female power to the team.

After numerous brainstorming sessions, workshops, market analyzes, product tests, focus groups, surveys and interviews, our joint project with Pretty Clear finally got more than just that a name, but also a mission.

We are here to inspire change

Pretty Clear designs, produces and sells sustainable sportswear made from fishing nets and 100% organic cotton. We play on the triad of premium quality, transparent sustainability and style.

We're definitely not perfect yet. But we believe that with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and hard work we can get better every day. We want to show that quality, sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive.

With this we want to do our bit to ensure that we consume more consciously and that together we can find a way to deal more consciously with our environment.

Our team

Behind Pretty Clear are people who want to change something. The textile industry is dirty, just like our seas. That's where we start and we want to change that.