Our mailerbags

Your order will be delivered in a Bio Poly mailerbag from Packhelp. The mailerbags are made of natural resin and 'OK Compost!' certified. In addition, they are completely biodegradable. You can find more about the sustainable properties of Packhelp here.

Our hangtags

For us, the topic of sustainability is not limited to our products. For us, sustainability is at the core of the entire value chain. That is why we produce our hang tags in Portugal, in the immediate vicinity of our textile manufacturer, near Barcelos. Our hangtags are made from recycled packing paper.

Our stickers

The upper material of our stickers is made from 100% recycled paper, because sustainability is essential for us. The stickers from our supplier are produced in Bavaria, regionally and 100% climate-neutral. The paper material is bleached there without chlorine using a water-soluble adhesive. The label packaging is of course also made of recycled cardboard with over 80% recycled paper.